Elastomeric Bridge Bearings
These Elastomeric Bridge Bearings effectively help the construction industry to structure bridges in an efficient manner. Our bearings are composed of hardened steel and metal alloy material that will stay on the bridges for longer duration as compared to different bridge bearings.

Pot Bearings
The provided Pot PTFE Bearings are composed of tough plastic material that will oppose chemicals, water, climate, acids, high temperature and more elements that can be harmful to different structured bearings.

Bridge Expansion Joints
When the bridge fails to perform its job in the outlined manner then numerous customers always avail our Bridge Expansion Joints for enhancing the productivity and functionality of the bridge.
Rubber Electrical Mats
Our Rubber Electrical Mats are highly safe against skid and chemicals that implies our customers can always carry out their electrical tasks at anytime without concerning over maintenance and damages.
EPDM Rubber Extruded Profiles
We use only propelled extrusion machines and elements to make these EPDM Rubber Extruded Profiles. These profiles can also be customized in different materials, sizes, shapes, lengths, diameters and more specifications to suit market's demand.
Rubber Cow Mats
Animals also have emotions. It is true that is the reason we have designed Rubber Cow Mats & Rubber Poultry Cage Mats that provide comfort to the poultry animals. These mats are anti-skid, which means the animals will always be safe under all conditions.
Rubber Product
The provided Rubber Product range consumes less spaces that enables the customers to easily install it without any hassles. This range is provided in different colors, shapes, sizes and designs to suit certain applications, machines, components and more.

Neoprene Bearing Pads
Neoprene Bearing Pads are designed to allow longitudinal as well as lateral movement of the bridge. They also allow the beam to spin from impact in different construction projects.
Rubber Sheets
These Rubber Sheets are composed of caliber rubber material that is initially melted and then formed into a sheet for further processing. They are dimensionally stable, which means they can be installed within short run.

Rubber Speed Breaker
We have always seen speed breakers that are made from tough concrete material. However, we have outlined Rubber Speed Breaker to enhance road safety in terms of slippage, water clogging and much more.

Tyton Gasket
Our Tyton Gasket are the most imperative components of any machine and spare parts. These gaskets effectively seal the opening for hindering the penetration of dust, dirt, greases and more elements.
Vibration Mounts
These durable and sturdy Vibration Mounts are widely used in lathe, hydraulic presses, milling, grinding and other machines. With exceptional elasticity properties, they ensure long-lasting and efficient performance.

Rubber Water Stopper
Strong, durable and flexible Rubber Water Stoppers are available to ensure to meet the different demands of varied sectors from construction to manufacturing. They are provided in varied sizes and specifications to cater to the various needs.

EPDM Rubber Beading
EPDM Rubber Beadings and Profiles are developed using high-grade ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber to ensure durability and strength. They are used in manufacturing, electrical, automotive and other sectors.
Insulation Rubber Mats
Our Insulation Rubber Mats are made from insulated material that has elevated thermal and chemical resistance for varied applications. These mats will not only keep the customers safe from fire but also from slippage and injuries.

Molded Rubber Products
Molded Rubber Products fall under a broad area that covers a variety of uses in several sectors. They offer strength, adaptability, and resilience, making them essential in today's environment for anything from commonplace items to essential industrial components.

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